Personal weaving tuition

Nancy and Gill weaving some lovely tweed.

My one-to-one or one-to-two workshops are designed for those people who prefer the personal touch or who dislike working in groups.  These are completely flexible and can be arranged at a mutually agreed date, no need to wait for an organised class.  There are a number of options available, depending on what you would like to learn; don’t worry if you need to discuss the content of your class first, any decisions can be made on the first day of your class.

The classes are suitable for beginners or those with some basic weaving knowledge.

These workshops can be held either at my studio in Swinton or at the student’s own home if they have their own loom, within a radius of 100 miles. I’ll still provide all the materials but you’ll need to budget to cover my travel expenses of 45p/mile.

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Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom.

The Ashford Knitters loom ready for teaching

One of the simplest forms of weaving is the rigid heddle loom and this type of loom often appeals to those who want to try weaving without the complexities of a multi-shaft loom or have limited space and/or budget. The rigid heddle loom is an excellent way to use up oddments of yarn from knitting or other textile projects. The loom is easily set up so weaving and exploring textures, colours and techniques can begin quickly. Two days duration with all materials, lunch, tea and coffee provided.

Learn to Weave on a four shaft table loom.

I offer three, slightly different classes, using a four shaft table loom. Personalise your Fabric, Exploring Twill Patterns and Weave a Scarf follow the same structure on Day 1, learning to warp and dress the loom but then differ on Day 2 depending on the type of fabric you would like to create.

Individual tuition workshop.

 Personalise your Fabric.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some basic knowledge. Over two days you will learn to wind a warp, dress the loom and weave some basic patterns. We will concentrate on twill patterns, hand manipulated weaves and exploring different yarns and colours; these techniques allow the student to fully experiment and explore myriad ideas.  All materials, lunch, tea and coffee included.

Exploring Twill Patterns.

Multi-patterned twill sampler.

As in the Personalise your Fabric workshop, you will learn to wind a warp, dress the loom and weave a sample length of fabric. The emphasis in this workshop will be on the 2/2 twill structure and the fabric will be constructed as a sample blanket of various twill patterns. The resulting fabric could be used as a design aid for future projects or made into a cushion cover or bag. All materials, lunch, tea and coffee included.

Weave a Scarf.

A student consulting her notes.

Similar to Personalise your Fabric and Exploring Twill Patterns, you will learn how to wind a warp, dress your loom and weave a beautiful wool scarf in a two day workshop.  The workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those who have some basic weaving experience; there will be an opportunity to experiment with ideas before finalising your scarf design.  All materials, lunch, tea and coffee provided.

Complex Weaves.

Carol and her wonderful double cloth

Those wishing to participate in this intermediate level class will have had some previous knowledge of weaving, including making the warp and dressing the loom. This workshop will develop your design skills looking at colour, texture and pattern. We will explore more complex weaves, such as block weaves, double cloth, satin and sateen, which will give you confidence to move onto eight or more shafts. All materials, lunch, tea and coffee included.

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