Recent Work

My own weaving takes much inspiration from the weaving traditions that abound in the Scottish Borders. It would be difficult for a weaver in this area not to be nudged in traditional directions. Where I differ though is in the selection of yarns and fabrics which are somewhat removed from the wool based industry of the area.

I lean much more towards finer yarns of silk and linen which result in fabrics with a distinct and luxurious feel and appearance.

That’s not to say I won’t work with wool! I have been particularly pleased with the result of one commission that you can read about here, not least because of the learning and research I had to commit to in order to complete the piece.  All of my fabric designs are available for purchase and can be made to order, please contact me to discuss your ideas.  You can also buy my ready-made work from my Etsy shop FlightWeaving.  Bespoke fabrics are also available and I would be really pleased if you wanted to discuss commissioning some individual pieces from me.

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