Weave something different…

Don’t have time or space for weaving on a conventional loom? I also run workshops which are designed for larger groups of people where loom-based weaving is not possible.

The workshops are best suited for groups with limited time available to them, and can range in length from three hours to a full day. Groups such as Women’s Institutes, U3A or any craft based group may find these workshops suitable for their members.

Prices vary depending on class subject or the amount of pre-preparation required, please contact me for further details.

Contact me for more details

Paper basket making workshop.

Functional baskets from paper and plastic.

These baskets can be woven from a range of papers from newspaper, parcel paper, wrapping paper or packing tape, each creating a distinctive look to the basket. The finished basket can be used for a variety of uses such as storing small toys, chargers, make up etc.

Difficulty level: Easy/ moderate

Circular rug weaving.

A simply woven rag rug.

A very simple but satisfying technique for weaving a rag rug. The rug is woven from fabric strips, provided in the cost of the class but students are welcome to use some of their own fabric should they want a more personalised rug. A full day is required for this workshop and the finished size of the rug will depend on the ability of the student; less able students may end up with a smaller rug which can be made into a cushion panel or stool pad. A small amount of sewing is required at the end of this workshop so participants will need a basic knowledge of hand-sewing (back stitch) or have access to a sewing machine.

Difficulty level: Easy/ moderate

Box loom rigid heddle weaving.

A simple and effective weaving method for large group workshops.

This simple weaving method is practised on a shoe-box sized loom and is suitable for all abilities. The looms can be supplied pre-prepared if time is short or, if time is available, the class can be expanded so students learn how to dress the loom themselves. All materials are supplied to weave a simple length of fabric which can be used as a small scarf or for another textile project if the length is not fully completed.

Difficulty level: Pre-prepared looms, easy; students dressing looms, moderate

Back-strap weaving.

A bit more complex than the other group workshops, back-strap weaving is a great challenge.

A very ancient but simple way of weaving without a conventional loom; this loom is constructed from just a few lengths of doweling. The length of the class can vary from half to a full day, depending on whether the group requires the looms to be pre-prepared. All equipment and materials are provided and students are able to keep their looms, for a small charge, so they can continue weaving at home. The resulting length of fabric can be used as a table runner, small rug or to be used in any other textile project. Some students may find this technique a little difficult so some experience of handling yarn and textiles is recommended.

Difficulty level: Moderate/ difficult

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